1. In the Offers tab of the main menu choose Create Offer

2. At the opened page fill in all the necessary boxes such as title and description. Optionally, you can upload an image or a photo of your product. It is also obligatory to choose the category in which your advertisement will be posted. Pay attention! There is a charge for posting in some categories.
3. After making your offer, you will get on edit page, among other things, you can add a product and / or buy its advertising. First, add a product by clicking on the appropriate button.
4. In the appeared screen fill in the necessary boxes and choose the type of delivery.
In the case of instant delivery you can immediately upload the file with the sold product. Accounts, logs, manuals (and stuff that you can upload in the form of a text or any other file) are appropriate perfectly for this type of the product. Physical goods and services that cannot be provided instantly, such as verification of accounts of any services, and so on, are appropriate perfectly for long term delivery.
5. After performing all the above steps your offer with the product uploaded should appear on the main page in the list of offers.
1. In the deals tab of the main menu choose create deal. A buyer must make a deal.

2. At the opened page fill in all the necessary boxes:
-In the box title you can indicate, for example, the name of a sold product or service;
-In the box deal price indicate the amount that a seller will receive at the end of the transaction;
-In the box Seller you should enter the seller's login or his UID, which can be found on his profile page

- In the box description indicate the details of a transaction: purchased product, number, conditions, terms, and so on.
After filling in the above boxes choose the currency in which a transaction will be fixed and indicate who will pay the fee for a transaction (Buyer, Seller or 50/50).
The example of filling:

Save and move on to the next step.
3. After making a transaction you will get to the page of your transaction where you can look at the brief information about it as well as move on to the chat of a transaction and / or contact the administrator by clicking the appropriate buttons.

3.1 At this time a seller must verify the transaction by clicking the appropriate button on the transaction page.

3.2 Then a buyer must make a payment either from the internal balance of the market or Bitcoin payment by choosing the appropriate button on the transaction page

Upon payment, the bot will notify about it in the chat.
4. Move on to the chat of a transaction

The whole process takes place here, notifications from the bot about the status appear and so forth.
We strongly recommend to transfer a product to a buyer and communicate exclusively in the chat in order to avoid fraud.
5. After the bot receives payment, a seller can transfer a product to a buyer in the chat of a transaction.
5.1 If everything is alright – a buyer approves the disbursement to a seller on the transaction page. A transaction is fully completed.
5.2 If there are any problems with a product, a buyer cancel the payment and opens a dispute.
You can always dispute a purchase in order to return your money if the product you bought does not match the declared one.
For this purpose, you need to start an arbitration:
1. In the Offers tab of the main menu choose Purchased Products

2. At the opened page you will see a list of your purchased products and action buttons next to each of them.
Next to the product, the purchase of which you want to dispute, you should click Start an Arbitration

3. In the appeared screen fill in the box Details describing the reason for the return / dispute in more detail as possible and save.

4. Thereafter, you will get to the page with a list of all your arbitrations. Next to the proper dispute click Detailed Information and get into the chat of an arbitration with the arbiter and the defendant.
In this chat the whole process of an arbitration will take place and the arbiter will make an appropriate decision at the end of the dispute.

Next to the My profile is the logo of your wallet !!!

By clicking on it, you go directly to the balance sheet and possible financial transactions.
- "Top Up "; - Top Up your balance on our site;
- "Direct Transfer"; - transfer of funds to another user;
- "Withdraw"; - withdrawal of funds from the balance to your wallet
- "Transactions"; - history of your balance changes
To top up the balance, you need to click the "Top Up BTC" button, fill in the desired top-up amount, select the currency ($ or btc). !!!

Copy the wallet and the exact top-up amount. !!!

For transfer between users, you need to click the "Direct Transfer" button, then enter the username or UID, amount BTC and your secret word. !!!

To withdraw funds to a third-party wallet, you need to click the "Withdraw" button, then enter your wallet address, withdraw amount and your secret word. !!!

After the request, you can also track the status of your withdrawal there, which will be completed no later than 24 hours from the moment of the request. !!!

Transactions are used to monitor deposits and debits from your balance !!!

1. There are two types of deals:
- "Instant deal" - the buyer receives the goods immediately after payment without the participation of the seller. Most digital goods are suitable for this type of deal
- "Long deal" - the buyer starts the deal, the seller confirms it and the deal is automatically created through the autogarant. Goods and services that cannot be rendered instantly are suitable for this type of transaction.
2. By going to the store, the buyer sees what type of deal is linked to a specific product

- By choosing an instant deal, the buyer pays for it from his balance and immediately proceeds to the purchased product. You can download it and after evaluating the quality, leave a review about the seller.

- Having chosen a deal with long-term delivery, the buyer proceeds to the details of the transaction. Then it's up to the seller, he must either confirm or cancel the deal.

3. After confirmation by the seller, the buyer has a choice: pay for the deal or terminate. After payment, the seller will have to transfer the goods to you or provide a service. If termination is selected, the deal will be canceled accordingly. All details are discussed in the chat and can be used in case of disagreements in the future.

4. After the transfer of the goods or the provision of the service, the buyer has a choice: to confirm the payment - that is, to pay the funds to the seller and successfully close the dael.

Or cancel the payment - in this case, you need the seller's action. He either agrees with the cancellation, then the deal is terminated. Either I disagree and arbitration is automatically created.